'CHANDRALAYAM' is a wonderful, old heritage home set in a quiet, rustic village surrounded by lush rice fields. Stepping into this venerable old house, one is transported into a bygone era and the old lifestyle of the landed gentry in kerala. The house has been built in the typical style of the hindu tharavads of kerala with plenty of aesthetically carved woodwork. The wide and beautiful lobby for gathering is truly a great piece of work.

The rooms are well furnished and retain all the charm of ancient family house, with red oxide floor. Ultramodern bathrooms ensuited all bedrooms. The vast tree shaded grounds have a variety of tropical fruit bearing trees like the jackfruit, mango, areca nut palms and coconut groves.


Authentic Ayurveda : Learn yoga and meditation under suitable guidance.

Experience the mythical theyyam rituals. theyyam the oldest ritualistic art form of india and one of the most spectacular in artistry and symbolism. From January to May watch the Theyyam performers go into frenzy in the ancestral house courtyards. Another art form that is performed in kasaragod is yakshagana, the art form that has its roots in Karnataka.

Everey day in this place is feast for the senses and especially the taste buds kerala cuisine offers delicious meals using locally grown spices and herbs, local fish.

We provide internet browsing facility, a good collection of books in the libraray according to the interests.

Facilities are also available for enjoying the classical music and many traditional cultural activities like poorakali, kolkali etc. Dances like Mohiniyattam and Bharathanatyam are also included.

Spectacular Destinations

Bekal Fort (4 Kms): Kerala's largest and best preserved fort is just 4 Km away from the home stay. it has a giant key hole shaped fort, Expense of beautiful beach surrounding.

Kappil Beach (2 Kms): Vast, remote and secluded, it is refreshingly different from popular beach destinations in its inspiring settings and ambience. nearby is the Kodi Cliff that looks as if it sprang straight out of the sea. take in one of the most panoramic views of the sea from here.

Ananthapuram temple (27 Kms): The 9th century temple is the only lake temple in kerala. it is just 27 Kms from the home stay.

Tejaswini - Vallyaparamba backwaters (27 Kms): This is one of the most scenic backwater stretches in kerala fed by four rivers and dotted with numberous little islands, this much favoured destination offers encanting boat cruises.

Ranipuram (54 Kms): is a stunning landscape in every shade of green, situated at a cool 750m above sea level and is known for delightful trekking trails that nature enthusiasts are slowly discovering.